Hibari has had enough 

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Does anyone else remember that really funny khr blog vongolaconfessions?

That blog was the bomb

But more importantly I’ve actually made a few posts so look out in the afternoon

*Whispers* Asshole Alaude is making a comeback

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Anonymous said: Concerining the Fanfic Rec List: Basically anything from pollinia (found on livejournal) and oninoshirosaki (found on AO3) is definitely worth a read, their writing styles are splendid. I'm sorry for not reccing specific fics, but i think that list would be way too extensive..

Whoa, thanks bruh

I completely forgot about that recommendation page

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man mukuro sure has changed

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Now that I actually think about it I could just take all these, “Just Imagine” posts and actually make them into those weird screen cap things i do

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Okay imagine Yamamoto gets into Yugioh and he has a deck and everything. One day he’s late to school and Hibari has his tonfas and just asks, “Do you know what time it is?” 

And Yamamoto is looking all tense and serious and pulls out his duel disk and shit and yells, “It’s time to duel!”

While Hibari is just like ???? ¿¿¿¿¿ ?? ??.„„„? ¿

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having a good day at school until u realize u forgot to do homework


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Okay hear me out:

Imagine Tsuna just transferred to Namimori High and he has this weird sixth sense and after investigating the school basement one night he accidentally starts up a paranormal activity/ghost hunters club

ANd the whole time Gokudera is just hella pumped because he’s into that shit and Hibari is just making his rounds when he spots a ghost and he’s all like “You don’t go to school here, I’ll bite you to death.”

And Yamamoto thinks its all a damn game when these ghosts can freakin kill him but he just laughs it off and plays around like he’s playing tag

i’m sORRY

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Read Akira Amano’s new manga Here .

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My contribution to the KHR fandom part 1.

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