My contribution to the KHR fandom part 1.

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So as of today this blog is officially two years old!!

*Throws confetti*

I present to you the first post ever made on this shitty blog

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I was bored and I haven’t seen anyone do this yet (those it’s possible it has been done before, I’m not sure) and so it just kinda happened.

I have no regrets though

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Welp I haven’t posted since school started and I’m very sad to say that I must go on an indefinite hiatus

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I might be planning on making a video series for khr okay 

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I don’t even have a proper caption for this screenshot

yo I’m crying at the replies you guys left

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I don’t even have a proper caption for this screenshot

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Just going to make one solid post out of this, and perhaps tag it, because I’m enjoying this AU and I may end up writing for it. Feedback would actually be really appreciated if you guys dun mind ^o^;

I’m telling you, all the families having wings that are compatible with their flames.

Rain flames would have semi-translucent tentacle-like wings (think jellyfish trails) that would glow a faint blue, shrouded in mist and smelling of morning dew. Their wings would crystalise at the tips and subdue anyone that touches them with hostile intent. Because of their translucent appearance, rain wings often move like waves in the ocean when resting.

Storm flames would have short, dark feathers the colour of oil slicks, but would radiate the same redish flames that are synonymous with Storm guardians, as well as having the same destructive properties. Their feathers can double as needles if need be.

Sky flames would have the most elegant wings of all — long, thin feathers that would change colours depending on the time, coinciding with the sky above them. They would burn with the same intensity as their owner, but never catch fire.

Sun flames would have wings that are made of a ribbony texture, that looks like rays of sunlight encircling them. They are often confused as halos. They’re the only ones to have wings that can grow around their wrists as well, since majority of their healing properties stem from the wings themselves, the ribbons wrapping around the injuries and healing the wounds.

The wings of Lightning flames are generally smaller than Sun or Rain flames, but bigger than Storm or Cloud. They have a tendency to grow sporadically, in various shapes and lengths, with gives them a sort of haphazard look, and are more often than not made of metal to help with conduction. They are usually white-grey at the closest parts of the skin, and fade into a gradual greenish colour in the tips. Similar to Rain wings, Lightning wings are harmful if approach with hostility.

Cloud flames have wings that are fairly similar to Storm wings, being that they are short to start, but they can alter their length at any time, as well as use their wings to protect and shield others. When Cloud flame wings bind together they become impenetrable, which is an outstanding feat since, generally speaking, Cloud wings are often seemed as the weakest of the Guardians, considering their texture is usually the softest.

Mist flames do not have wings. They’re the only Guardians that were not born with wings. Instead, they use illusions to conjure wings depending on their needs, therefore they are the only flames with wings that do not have a norm — all Guardians wear different styles at any given time. All mist flames have a slightly elevated skin on their backs where wings should have grown, but due to their flame types, they never developed. The only consistency between all Mist flames other than their elevated skin, are the light purple markings along their shoulders that glow when their flames are active.

I could legit go on and on about this you guys are failing to understand how much I fucking love the prospect of wings being a thing alright I just..

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