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Oh Wowzies thanks dude

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clearly i am out of control

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…and when everything was resolved and Hibari found out that it wasn’t Tsuna, he still punished him anyway and demanded compensation via hot rough sex in the committee room.

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Friendly khr reminder 

this guy

has no problem whatsoever prancing around like this

if only…

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quick someone who hasn’t watched katekyo hitman reborn, explain this image

Tiny midget numbero uno watches as a pale turtle falls in love falls with a shiny human. red sweatshirt celebrates as he is accepted as the sun god’s chosen heir. One pale haired guy is gonna mega-high-five the shit out of mr hedgehog and his weird hat. The 2 girls are just confused as to how they got here and cake girl is trying to get that mega high five giving shit to give back her birthday cake candles.

God bless.

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I’m working on a huge khr fanfic recommendation masterlist page thingy so if anyone has any ideas just shoot a message or just reblog and add fics yo. Any genre/pairing is welcome

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Highschool 1827

Badass Tsuna on bike hell yeah~

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How are people finding this blog??? I dont post and you guys keep following

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Me: What would Hibari smell like?
Sis: Namimori
Me: ........
Me: Namimori: For men
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