My contribution to the KHR fandom part 1.

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Holy cucumbers imagine the whole cast competing in a reality tv show for 1 million and they have to do dumb challenges and each week someone gets voted off 

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Old work: Heaven is a ‘57 metallic grey by R0b0r0

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True friendship transcends time.
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i think my brain just exploded

science side of tumblr, please explain

Air on bottom go woosh. Air on top go woosh. Air on front go woosh. Little plane stay still.

That sounds like yamamoto

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The Pokemon AU fic can be found here 

A much more cooler AU fic can be found here

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Rebo to Dlive [Amano Akira]

Full book scans!  Cleaned, unedited, and not even watermarked yeyey.  That being said, nothing beats owning the actual book; which you can order here from CD Japan or peruse Japanese sites and use a shipping service (I suggest Tenso or Baggage Forward).

Please note that I have locked the download file.  I don’t want these scans to run totally rampant around the net, so it’s just a measure to block anyone who simply googles for it or something.  The password isn’t a secret or anything!  Try hovering around this post ♪( ´▽`)

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I will protect you, make you smile, and always hold you close.

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Maybe if I ignore it long enough, it'll go away.
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